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What’s Going On, Adventures in Cooking Continued, What Dreams Are Made Of, and Maya Angelou…

Whew. Lately I have been a very busy teenage girl. How I could fully describe what’s been going on in my life of late is just really impossible, but I will try. I will also show pictures of my latest cooking exploit and I thought I would share with you one of my favorite poems from Maya Angelou. If you don’t feel like reading something long, just don’t read it.

crepe So Friday I made crepes (Julia Child crepes) to celebrate Paul McCartney’s birthday. No one seemed to care about this but me. Of course, Paul is my favorite Beatle so I had to do something for him. Turns out, I pretty much just made them for myself because everyone else had an agenda. I am currently disgusted by these people. Anyway, I got pretty good at flipping these things over and trust me, it ain’t no walk in the park. They kind of get weak in the center and you have to be really careful that they don’t split apart. For this crepe, I put on some yogurt and fresh blueberries. Just to let you know, crepes can pretty much go with what ever you want them to. I’m not going to argue that they would go well with anchovies, but I haven’t tried them so they might.

Saturday, my sister had a tap show so we all went down to our neighboring town to watch her dance. She, as always, was wonderful and we had a great time watching herlizzie mcguire movie be coordinated because it’s not something that really runs in our family. Forget that. It doesn’t run in our family at all.

Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day with my wonderful, amazing dad. My mom cooked up a beautiful dinner. It was all together a wonderful night. We exchanged cards and had a fun time just being a family. After that, I went for a walk in the rain. It soaked my clothes and I cam home looking somewhat like a few homeless men I’ve seen in Chicago, but it was worth it. Love the rain. Andie and I settled in and watched The Graduate. The wedding scene in that movie might be the best I’ve ever seen. Nothing  can compare to Dustin Hoffman swinging that gigantic cross at everyone. Then we popped in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. We both agree that Gordo is incredibly cute and that this Italian guy looks way older than seventeen. If I had just graduated from middle school and was running around Rome with a fake Italian popstar who was seventeen (or obviously older) my mom would beat me into the floor so bad I would become a throw rug. And again, I do not know any eighth-grade-going-on-freshmans who wear platform heels and dress like Lizzie. Heck, I don’t even know any high school kids who do. Or college. We had a very good time making fun of her singing. We’re pretty sure she wasn’t happy when she found out they had dubbed her voice for half the song. I wouldn’t be happy.

Since it’s Monday, I’m back to work. I’m more than half way through edits and it’s all shaping up to be an amazing book and I feel incredibly proud of it. Then again, I wrote it.

Anyway, here’s my favorite poem by Maya Angelou.



The day hangs heavy

loose and grey

when you’re away.

A crown of thorns

a shirt of hair

is what I wear.

No one knows

my lonely heart

when we’re apart.

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